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It was ten years ago that I started photographing weddings, and this couple happened to be the third one for me that year.  To look at them together in these photos, you would never be able to guess that they have had a decade of marriage together, because their connection with each other is still so strong!  They look more like newlyweds!

Couples boudoir is such an amazing way for two people in love to connect with each other.  Many may not know this, but before I ended up taking the leap into going full time in photography, I was going to school to be a marriage counselor.  Many of my clients have realized without even asking that I just have this gift of a great listening ear, empathy, and unbiased advice.  Couples boudoir sessions give me the opportunity to put all the things that I am meant for in this world (connecting couples and taking photos) together into one thing.  What a great honor and pleasure it was to be asked to be a part of this!!

Our couples boudoir sessions make fantastic gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries.  Sessions begin at $249.  Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can chat more about it!!


Amanda <3