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Evansville, Indiana Photographers | Spring Model Call| Wedding, Engagement, Maternity, Boudoir, Teens and Tweens


As most of your know, we recently moved into the studio of our dreams, in downtown, Evansville!  With that being said, I am looking for new artwork to display in our space, that shows a good example of the look and direction that I feel our work is headed in 2017 and beyond, and I would love your help!  I am looking for the following types of model sessions!


Number of models needed: 2 couples

Style: Boho, tattooed, hipster, off-beat

When: One couple ASAP, the other in late April/May

I am looking for boho and tattooed brides and their grooms, who would like to dress up in their wedding clothes again and make some beautiful things with me!  Here is a link to my Pinterest board for this, with some good ideas of what I am looking for, as well as the types of poses and looks I am interested in going for with this project.

Some extra things to keep in mind, that would increase my chances of choosing you:

-I love the color red or deep maroon for the immediate session, so if you have any accessories in this color, that would certainly fit what I have in my mind.  I would love one bride with dark hair and one blonde, but I am always 100% for redheads (we gingers have to stick together).  If you have access to a location that would fit some of these dream places that I have pinned in the board, that is major bonus points!!!


Number of couples needed: 4

Style: trendy, formal, off-beat, woodsy

When: ASAP, and late spring

I am wanting couples with fun ideas!!  I would love to have a boho styled couple, a tattooed couple, a couple that’s into the outdoors and maybe interested in doing something in forest, and a couple to dress up in formal clothing. I am open to other ideas, as well–so show me what you’ve got!  I have no certain look in mind for these models, other than the clothing styles I have mentioned above.  You do not have to be engaged or married! I just need couples in love, who aren’t afraid to show their love for each other!

Here is a link to my Pinterest idea board!


Number of models needed: 3

When: ASAP (before March 20)

Style: Whatever makes you feel beautiful!!

I am needing a few ladies to model for boudoir who are totally okay with their photos being posted on our website, and shared to social media!  Here is a link to my Pinterest idea board, that will give you a good idea of the clothing types that I have in mind:


Number of models needed: 4

When: ASAP and Spring

Style: Boho, formal, boudoir

Sadly, we just do not get to work with enough beautiful pregnant mamas, and that is such a shame!  I want to make some beautiful artwork with you to celebrate this amazing time in your life!  Here is a link to my Pinterest idea board!

Teens and Tweens

Number of models needed: 4

Ages: 10-17

When: ASAP and Spring

Style: trendy, hipster, punk, musical, boho

Bonus: REDHEADS!!!!

I am wanting to work with 10-17 year old females primarily, but I am open to boys who enjoy showing their personality in front of the camera, too!!  I am looking for kids with a sense of personal style. If you’ve ever heard the term “ham,” well those are the kids of kids I am looking for!!  Bonus for redheads, as always!!  Here is a link to my idea board on Pinterest!


How to Apply

Please email Amanda at!  Also, attach a photo that represents you or your child’s style, as well as an introduction that tells me why you think you or your child would be perfect for this opportunity! Again, I am looking for specific styles, and fun ideas!  Don’t be afraid to pitch me something outlandish, because I am all for the most craziest of ideas!

What’s in it for you?

  1. A free session with meeee!!!  Woot woot!  I am the biggest goofball alive, so we will have a blast!  I promise you, that if nothing else, it’ll be an adventure! 🙂
  2. An in-person reveal and ordering session, once the photos are edited, retouched, and ready for you!
  3. A $150 credit towards prints, wall art, albums, or digital media–whatever you would like to use it towards!
  4. There is no obligation to purchase more, but anything beyond that $150 credit will be available at 10% off regular price.  Payment plans are available, as well!!
  5. Credit towards your next session for every referral you send our way!  (We will chat more about this when we meet)!

The fine print…..

The things I will need from you in return are:

  1. A signed contract agreement, that just states our terms (what I am doing for you and what you will be getting from me in return for your time), including a model release.
  2. Commitment.  I am looking for people who are excited to make something beautiful with me, are willing to meet in person to start planning their session as soon as next week, and can attend the session on the original date that we plan for it (with the exception of true emergencies that cannot be planned for).
  3. A desire to make something beautiful, have a good time, share your images on social media, and tell all of your friends how great of a time you had! I promise to give you an experience that will make you want to rave on and on!
  4. Model call is open to new clients only.  I am wanting to work with people I have not had the pleasure of doing so with yet!
  5. If we already have a paid session booked, we cannot swicth to a model session.  Sorry, guys!
  6.  Sorry, my friends and family are excluded from this offer!  Love you, though!


All applicants must be in by no later than Friday, March 3.  I will not accept any other entries past this date.  I will notify all applicants that meet the criteria and look that I am going for by Monday, March 6.  At this time, I will be ready to schedule the next step in the process with you, which is an in person meeting at our studio, so we can begin planning your session, go over the contract, and set a date!

If I do not contact you, it’s not because you aren’t amazing!  It just means that you might not fit the look that I am going for at this time.  I usually do a couple of model calls each year, so if I do not choose you for this one, but you work for the next one, I will definitely contact you then!!


Now, go forth!  Send me your application!  Tell me all about you, and don’t forget to attach photos!!  Please make sure that you send your application to our designated email address at  We will not accept messages to our social media, comments on our social media, text messages, or phone calls.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY EMAIL ONLY.  

Thank you sooo much, and I cannot wait to meet you!!  😀